Letter of diassociation

Imperium Multimedia Games


Subject: Disassociation from Nikola Paunović and Cyber Arena Project on WEB3

Dear Users and Esteemed Players

We hope this letter finds you well. We are writing to officially inform you of our decision to disassociate ourselves from Nikola Paunović and the Cyber Arena AR/VR Project on WEB3.

Over the past 2 years, our company has collaborated with Nikola on the Cyber Arena, which aimed to revolutionaze Web3. While the initial stages of the project showed promise, recent events and developments have led us to reconsider our involvement.

After thorough internal evaluations and careful consideration, we have concluded that the project’s direction and ethical alignment no longer align with our company’s core values and objectives. It is of utmost importance for us to maintain a reputation built on integrity, transparency, and social responsibility. Furthermore Nikola has decided to hide a part of initial investment in the project and put it in his own pocket which we consider theft because that investment was taken on our hard work and everyone in our company deserves their fair share.
After listing the token on his own hand without consulting with the team or the people that actually know what they are doing he has descided not to engulge anyone with explanation or to pay people and us what he owes and what was agreed upon.

As of Today, we are formally and fully disassociating ourselves from any further involvement in the Web3 Part of Cyber arena. This includes withdrawing any financial, technical, or intellectual support that we have previously offered to the project. Further reason is that Nikola has taken upon himself to make decisions about project roadmaps and project progress without involving/notifying any members of internal team.

Game and all intellectual and moral rights will remain further with Imperium Games and game will be avalable for all users for free on Google Play and Apple platforms. All other distibutions of the app and ip will be considered as piracy and fraud.

With this we want to state that any unauthorized usage of Imperium Multimedia Games name or intellectual property created for Cyber Arena by Imperium Multimedia Team such as but not limited to (Characters, Character Design, UI, UI design, Icons, Graphics, Graphic Design, Game Files, Game Code, Music, Sounds, Videos, Game Design, etc…) will lead to legal action taken by our legal team against individual or company that pursues such endeavors. Imperium Team did not work and will not work on the Social Media smackdown abomination of the game Nikola has hired other developer to do that behind whole teams back.

Furthermore, we would like to clarify that any past association with Nikola Paunović and the Cyber Arena AR/VR for Web3 should not be perceived as an endorsement of their actions, views, or the project’s outcomes. We are committed to upholding our commitment to acting responsibly and in the best interest of our stakeholders.

We wish Nikola and the project team the best in their future endeavors, but we cannot be held responsible for any actions or decisions they make from this point forward.

Please consider this letter as an official statement of our disassociation, and we request that any future communications, publications, or media releases no longer associate our company’s name with Nikola Paunovic.

We understand that this decision may raise questions, and we are open to addressing any concerns you may have. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact our corporate communications department at imperium.multimedia@gmail.com.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Imperium Multimedia Team

Stefan Milojković
Imprium Multimedia Games
Dare Ilic
Contact Information: +381616377770

Vladimir Ilic
Imprium Multimedia Games
Dare Ilic
Contact Information: +381644177584

Djordje Dovedan
Lead Developer
Imperium Multimedia Games

Uros Arandjelovic
Cyber Security
Imperium Multimedia Games